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In 2001 I took a sabbatical, actually with the desire to practice the bass for 6 months, while spending time in South Africa, far away from all the daily distractions and work commitments. A mysterious pain in my left pinkie made me change my plans. I spent six months reading all the books I had brought: books on classical bass technique, on harmony, on general music theory, on violin technique. I was constantly making notes and after 3 months I was able to spread out all the papers with the subjects out on a large table. I added to this my own

exercise card system which I had compiled over the 15 years before that. By shifting things around the structure of a giant book became clear; parts, chapters, sub-chapters ...

For another 3 years I worked to fill in all the subjects, create exercises, check, change, check again .... Comprehensive Bass Method was born., all 950 pages in 2 books.

A book with Jazz etudes followed, and I am working on a series of PDF books covering double bass and general music topics.

For more information and to order go to:

Since 2015 I have been creating some PDF books covering specific, rather concise subjects, be it theoretical, harmonic, rhythmic or about a certain instrumental double bass topic. Some of these are relevant to bassists only; some might be of interest for any musician. These PDF books are available on the Baseline Publishing website.

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