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In 1994 Anne de Jong, Joost Leyen and myself took on the challenge (!) to start a jazz label. I vividly remember how we went to the next music fair in Cannes: Midem, with a small flyer with our entire catalogue: 6 titles. Over the years many more CDs were produced. Many of them with the great help of engineer Chris Weeda. Joost said goodbye at some point, and in 2004 I became sole owner of the label. At this point the label consists of some 180 titles; 200 hours of fantastic jazz music played by an array of great musicians: Toots Thielemans, Bob Brookmeyer, Philip Catherine, Eric Vloeimans, Kenny Werner, John Abercrombie, Kenny Wheeler and many more.

Having been in the studio so much, on both sides of the glass, gave me much experience. It gives me such joy to help musicians during the process of recording their music, to be the outer ear - yet knowing the process of recording from the other side as well.

We were fortunate, Chris and me, to have had the experience to go through a great part of the development of audio recording. In the early days onto tape, splicing with a razor blade; having to find the coda, lying on the floor amidst other sections of audio .... Mixing with 6 hands on the board ..... the first digital recordings, going direct to 2-track on a DAT tape; later ADAT and Tascam. The ancient Sony "washing machine". The whole fantastic adventures with DSD, and finally the ever expanding flexible world of ProTools inside the computer. Slowly seeing the outboard gear, the old plate reverb box, the Finaliser, disappear into the innards of the computer.

Now, Chris packs his laptop, flies to South Africa, where we do a mix with a few near field monitors and the thundering ocean outside the window.

The label changed hands in 2020, and is now handled by Wigt International under the name Baseline Jazz Records.

As A Producer

jun ’12

Kenny Werner


Challenge Records CR 73363 


jun ’12

Philip Catherine

Coté Jardin

Challenge Jazz CHR 70178


jun ’10

Angelo Verploegen

The Ballad Album

Challenge CR 73318


jun ’10

Philip Catherine

Cole Porter Songbook

Challenge CHR 70166


may ’10

Birgitte Lyregaard

Blue Anemone

Challenge CHR 70161


dec ’08

Eric Vloeimans

Heavens Above!

Challenge CHR 70152 


oct ’08

Eric Vloeimans

Live at Yoshi’s

Challenge CHR 70151


oct ’07

Bert van den Brink

Friendship Live

Challenge CHR 70150


oct '07

Philip Catherine

Guitars Two

Dreyfuss 46050369152



Toots Thielemans


Challenge CHR 70160 


dec '06

Eric Vloeimans


Challenge CHR 70144


dec '06

Eric Vloeimans


Challenge CHR 70138


sep '06

Baseline / Abercrombie

The Guitar Album

Challenge CHR 70135


aug '06

Abercrombie / Ruocco


Challenge CHR 70137


aug '06

Paulien van Schaik


Challenge CHR 70134


may '06

Karel Boehlee

Live At The Beauforthuis

Challenge CHR 70133


may '06

Buyoung Lee

European Sketch

Jazz In The City ZCR 0601


apr '06

Van de Geyn / Konitz

The Song Is You

Challenge CHR 70132


sep '05

Eric Vloeimans


Challenge 70128


sep '05

Harmen Fraanje


Challenge CHR 70129


may '05

Fay Claassen

Portraits of Chet Baker

Jazz 'N Pulz BMCD 484

mar '05

Frank Woeste

Mind At Play

Challenge CHR 70124


dec '04

Dee Daniels

Live at Biblo

Challenge CHRDVD70125


nov '03

Eric Vloeimans


Challenge SACHR 70114


oct '03

James Scholfield-3

All Stations

Challenge SACHR 70120


oct '03


Brand New

Challenge SACHR 70122


aug '03

Paulien van Schaik

In Summer

Challenge SACHR 70118


feb '03

Harmen Fraanje


Challenge SACHR 70116


apr '02

Bert van den Brink

Between Us

Challenge SACHR 75130


apr '02

Eric Vloeimans

Hidden History

Challenge CHR 70109



Masha Bijlsma


LionJazz 0301 L10


jan '01

Bob Brookmeyer NAO

Walzing With Zoe

Challenge CHR 70081


nov '00

Paul Bollenback


Challenge CHR 70082


oct '00


That's For Sure

Challenge CHR 70098


may '00

van 't Hof / Joey Baron

Un Incontro Illusorio

Challenge CHR 70093


apr '00

Eric Vloeimans


Challenge CHR 70087


mar '00

Pieranunzi / Catherine

Alone Together

Challenge CHR 70070


feb '00

Enrico Pieranunzi

Improvised Forms For  Trio

Challenge CHR 70084


feb '00

Caroline de Rooij


SVD Records 20001


feb '00

Enrico Pieranunzi

Music Of Wayne Shorter

Challenge CHR 70083


jan '00

Paulien van Schaik


Challenge CHR 70099


sep '99

Kristina Fuchs

Portrait Of A Woman

Sonic Records 9921

aug '99

Bobby Watson

In The Groove

Challenge CHR 70095


jun '99

Amsterdam Jazz 5


Challenge CHR 70071


jun '99

Anette von Eichel

Welcome To My World

AVE Nr.7507


jun '99


Live at the Bim House

Challenge CHR ……


may '99


Déjà Vu

Challenge CHR 70067


mar '99

Pieranunzi/vanden Brink

Daedalus' Wings

Challenge CHR 70069


mar '99

Enrico Pieranunzi

Don't Forget The Poet

Challenge CHR 70065


dec '98

Masha Bijlsma


Jazzline JL 1157


dec '98

Paul Bollenback

Soul Grooves

Challenge CHR 70064 


oct '98

vd Brink/Rick Margitza


Challenge CHR 70062


sep '98

Eric Vloeimans

Bitches And Fairy Tales

Challenge CHR 70061


aug '98

Jasper van ‘t Hof

Un Mondo Illusorio

Challenge CHR 70059


dec '97

Myriam Alter

Alter Ego

Intuition INT 3258-2


sep '97

Maria Harp

14 Pc for Harp and Bass

Via 9920612


jun  '97

Amsterdam Jazz-5


Challenge CHR 70048


mar '97

Paul Bollenback

Double Gemini

Challenge CHR 70046


oct '96

Rick Margitza

Game Of Chance

Challenge CHR 70044


sep '96

Jasper van ‘t Hof


Challenge CHR 70040


jun '96

Eric Vloeimans


Challenge CHR 70038


feb '96



Challenge CHR 70047


dec '95

Myriam Alter

Silent Walk

Challenge CHR 70035

feb '95

Dick de Graaf


Challenge CHR 70024


jan '95

Paul Bollenback

Original Visions

Challenge CHR 70022


dec '94

Breuer / Claassen

Simply Be

Challenge CHR 70017


dec '94

Rick Margitza

Hands Of Time

Challenge CHR 70021


sep '94

Belmondo Quintet

For All Friends

Challenge CHR 70016


jun '94

Nat Adderley

Good Company

Challenge CHR 70009


jun '94



Kara Music 115514


jun '94

Eric Vloeimans

First Floor

Challenge CHR 70011


may '94

Leonardo Amuedo

Dolphin Dance

Challenge CHR 70008


may '94

Clark Terry

Shades Of Blue

Challenge CHR 70007     


may '94

Myriam Alter


B Sharp CDS 09


feb '94



Challenge CHR 70023


feb ’94


Why Really

Challenge CHR 70002 


jun '93

Denise Jannah

A Heart Full Of Music

Timeless SJP 414


jun '85

Harry Verbeke

Plays Romantic Ballads

Timeless SJP 230 

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