PDF Books

Teasers of the PDF books can be seen  on the Bibliography page

I made sure the books come out  in a correct format when printed. The inside can be printed on standard 80g/m2 A3 sheets (black only). The cover works well on an A3 sheet of 200g/m2 (in color). Any professional printer is able to make the pages come out in the correct order. Fold in the middle, a few staples, cut the edges off; done.


In the early 2000s I wrote a comprehensive method for the double bass. 950 pages in 2 hefty books. The books have been sold world-wide to schools, students and professional players - but  I always felt the mere size of the volumes although perhaps its power, it was also its limitation.

In the coming time I will slowly deconstruct this method, pull out exercises and ideas, elaborate on them and make them available as digital downloads.

It will lead to a series of 25 to 50 page booklets that can simply be downloaded, printed out and put into the library of interested bassists. This series cannot really replace the comprehensiveness of the full method, but it can open doors for bassists (be it classical or jazz) to interesting instrumental subjects in a more accessible way.